Frequently Asked Questions

Most, but not all, SFC restaurants are Halal, check with your local store or use the find an outlet page to see if your local store is halal.
Some stores offer vegetarian items. Check out the tasty Caesar Salad in your local store.
Arthur Withers was the founder of our company. Read more about him in the Arthur’s story section of this website.
Each store will be able to advise you on the ingredients in our menu, sometimes store prepare menu items a little differently so we advise you to speak to each store just in case.
Many of our stores offer a delivery service, check with your local store for delivery times and delivery areas.
Short answer, no. We use wheat flour in the buns and coating for Southern Fried Chicken and wheat gluten in our Piri Piri products.
No all our ingredients are GMO free.
We have a large number of international franchisees, and we are opening more stores all the time both in the UK and international. If you are interested in joining us check out the franchisee section of this website.
Well, I can tell you that that is not true! Our chicken sandwiches and wraps are made from 100% breast fillet meat! All we do is coat the fillet in our delicious breading and cook until it’s a tasty light golden brown. Our chickens are all grade A and most of our stores source from Red Tractor approved suppliers.
No, we buy whole fresh chickens from our suppliers cut in to 9 pieces, we then marinate, coat and cook in store. We cook throughout the day so the chicken you buy is always freshly cooked.

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